Proper Way to Cleanse Skin

In order to determine the proper way to cleanse your skin you must first identify the type of skin you have and them gear your cleansing routine to your skin type. Cleansing is especially important because of daily exposure to pollution and make-up. These both can wreak havoc with the skin by clogging pores and impeding the skin’s ability to renew itself. Without the basis of clean skin all the skin care steps which follow are less effective.

  • Oily skin requires more frequent cleansing. Twice daily is necessary, but excessive washing can actually stimulate oil production because the follicles will secrete oil to make up for the oil which is stripped by facial washing. The key is to use a cleanser that is specifically designed for oily skin and to use it consistently.
  • Normal and T-zone complexions should also be washed twice daily with a milder cleanser. Excessive cleansing will dry the skin unnecessarily as will cleansers that are geared for oilier complexions. For those with extreme differences in the T-zone and the rest of the face it may be better to use two different facial cleansers.
  • Dry skin needs to be handled more delicately. For many with dry skin it is best to only wash the face at night to remove pollutants and make-up and then simply rinse with warm water in the morning rather than using a cleanser.

Women with all skin types should always remove make-up before cleansing. The primary benefit is more effective cleansing overall and the make-up remover should also be chosen based on skin type. Warm water is preferred over either excessively hot or cold water for rinsing because facial capillaries can actually rupture when exposed to temperature extremes.

Properly cleansed skin gives you a canvas to work from. The more well-taken care of your skin is the fewer products you need to use when you apply make-up. This works into a self-feeding cycle that yields skin ready to face the world with little or no make-up when you are rushed. It also means that when you are in full make-up the effect is even more becoming, and isn’t that the goal?

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