How to Exfoliate Your Skin

When you learn how to exfoliate your skin properly it will reward you by having a fresher appearance and a youthful glow. The speed at which skin cells turn over slows significantly with age and the slowing process begins in your 20s. Regular exfoliation removes the buildup of dead skin cells that dulls the complexion. It also helps to keep those cells from blocking pores, which reduces blackheads and blemishes over time.

Regularity is important in your exfoliation technique. The more consistently you use your exfoliator, the clearer and smoother you complexion will become and the easier it will be to maintain. Proper choice of both the product you use and the frequency with which you use it will give you optimal results.

  • Those who have oily skin should exfoliate at least three times a week. The amount of oil on the skin will trap and hold more of the dead skin cells than normal or dry skin. This means more clogged pores for those who do not exfoliate. A few minutes every other day should be ideal for most oily skins.
  • Normal and T-zone skin should be exfoliated between two and three times a week. Using a product that is designed for normal skin will work for most, but if you have a significant difference in oiliness between the T-zone and the rest of the skin you may want to use two different products. If the difference is mild, then three times a week in the T-zone and twice weekly for the rest of the face should be just right.
  • Dry skin should be exfoliated one to two times a week. A mild exfoliant should be used and special care should be taken to not over exfoliate. Every four to five days is suitable for most with drier skin types. A note for those with extremely dry or delicate skin — you should not exfoliate more than once a week and should use the mildest products available.

As the skin tends to become drier as a person ages, re-evaluating your exfoliation frequency and product every few years is recommended. There tends to be a large disparity in the size of granules and the strength of exfoliators so a little research and experimentation may be necessary to find your ideal product. Generally speaking, the finer the granules the more delicate the exfoliator. Dab a bit of the product between thumb and finger and swirl to get a feeling of the size of the grains. Combine the right exfoliator with a gentle, circular motion and the right frequency and a glowing complexion will be your reward.

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