Face Creams

In this section you will find reviews of face creams from some of the well-known brands.

Clinique Zero Gravity Repairwear Lift Firming Cream

Clinique’s Zero Gravity Repairwear Lift Firming Cream promises and delivers an instant firming sensation — but that is not the same thing as a visible result. No skin care product can compensate for the ongoing assault of gravity, although oral supplementation with the antioxidant alpha-lipoic acid, Read more »

DDF Dramatic Radiance TRF Cream

DDF Dramatic Radiance TRF Cream is a combination of commonly used, minimally expensive, and modestly effective skin care ingredients packaged together for sale at a relatively high price. It contains mostly water, and also emollients, silicones, shea butter, thickeners, preservatives, and glycerin. Read more »

Darphin Fibrogene Line Response Nourishing Cream

Fibrogene Line Response Nourishing Cream is a dry-skin moisturizer with a rich, emollient texture and a long list of beneficial ingredients, including the so-called “Vitamin F”, which is a mixture of n-3 essential fatty acids (usually deodorized fish oil), shea butter, wheat sphingolipids for a slight hint of exfoliation, jojoba oil, siegebeckia extract, Read more »

Good Skin All Bright Moisture Cream

All Bright Moisture Cream is one of a very few skin care products to include two proven herbal inflammation-fighters, glycyrrhetinic acid (derived from licorice) and mulberry extract, used since Roman times to treat skin blemishes and the kinds of skin wounds now known to be caused by diabetes. Read more »

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